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Fire drill

发布日期:  2015-07-30   浏览次数:[571]

The company held a production workshop fire drill, the staff of all departments to participate in the watch. By the police station, the security office and other responsible person in the field to explain how to identify the fire extinguisher pressure gauge instructions, how to identify fire extinguishers are not expired, and some fire prevention knowledge. And the group has carried out the fire competition. Each employee in the busy busy production quality busy benefits at the same time, do not overlook the personal safety, each employee to the concept of "water and fire are merciless, safety first, especially the management of the company should be the employee's personal safety in the first place. Every supervisor should instill a sense of safety in production. Through this exercise, each person has a better understanding of fire safety knowledge. Although only a drill, but can see, preventive measures of consciousness, see the company's emphasis on fire control work, pay attention to the personal safety of employees.

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