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Introduction of heat transfer film for light silver process

发布日期:  2015-07-30   浏览次数:[586]

Bright silver process is in a vacuum state, aluminum metal heating melting and evaporation, condensation of aluminum atoms on the surface of polymer materials, form thin aluminum layer. Yu Hui company production of bright silver craft products show the bright silver metal texture, good gloss, smooth surface, smooth, antioxidant, strong hiding power. Coupled with leading technology products in the transfer process of high temperature resistant, easy detachment, strong adhesion, good effect after the transfer greatly improves the product quality, advanced technology leading in the same industry. At present, the bright silver process in the heat transfer film packaging plays an important role, the gloss of the show or to be a variety of bright colors, so that the packaging effect is eye-catching enough. Yu Hui, bright silver products in its stable process and leading technology has been received and recognized by many customers.

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