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Introduction of heat transfer film

发布日期:  2015-07-30   浏览次数:[552]

Thermal transfer film (also spent foil) refers to with adhesive text, under the joint action of heat and pressure, together with the protective layer together off the carrier film, strong transfer and then to the substrate surface of special function printing film.
The special features of the printing film, through the heat transfer machine of heat and pressure, pictures and texts are transferred on the surface of the substrate, he was transfer of products greatly improve the grade, increase the additional value of the product. At present, daily necessities, cosmetics, artificial leather, stationery, electrical appliances, wine bottle, furniture, building materials and other decorative packaging industry, the special function of printing film become the most widely used supplies, market prospect is infinite.
Yu Hui company production of thermal transfer film to leading technology, excellent quality and value-added service to create a good brand image. Become a leader in the industry. The company can produce a variety of craft products, such as: Pearl, matte, matte silver (gold), bright silver, laser etc.. For PP, PS, PC, PMMMA, AS, PET, PVC, leather, wood, paint, glass and other material products.
Yu Hui has the advantages of heat transfer film:
A, text, pattern color bright, three-dimensional feeling strong
B, lines of fine (the most fine lines: 0.1mm), white degree hiding power
C, the set of high accuracy (0.15mm)
D, easy to break out, strong adhesion, scratch resistance, friction
E, water resistance, alcohol resistance, solvent resistance, UV resistance
G, zero formaldehyde, non-toxic, low carbon environmental protection, increase product added value, in line with European and American standards
In the field of decorative packaging, Yu Hui thermal transfer film can be applied to all kinds of products packaging, thermal transfer film gradually replace the previous screen printing, stickers and other printed products, with its excellent performance and advantages, greatly improves the added value of products, application prospect is infinite.

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